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Ep 34 God is a fascist and hell isn’t real (with Andrew Jasko)


Oh HELL yes (see what I did there?) we are talking to Andrew Jasko today about religious trauma, psychedelics, hell, healing and much more. You might need a glass of wine for this one cause we’re diving real deep.

Andrew Jasko, M.Div., MA Counseling Psychology in progress, is a former Princeton Seminary educated minister. He left his religious faith and community because of the severe psychological trauma he experienced. After spending years and thousands of dollars healing his trauma and helping hundreds of people transform their lives, He is considered an expert in healing religious trauma. His clients hire him to heal and find healthy, authentic spirituality that suits them. As a religious trauma specialist and spirituality coach, He helps people heal and reclaim a healthy connection with spirituality by using trauma-informed therapeutic techniques and psychospiritual practices.

To learn more about Andrews work and to work with him:
Home – Healing Religious Trauma & Integrating Healthy Spirituality (
Article mentioned in Episode: Is Evangelical Christianity’s God the Devil? – Healing Religious Trauma & Integrating Healthy Spirituality (
Life After Dogma – YouTube

Support Groups:
Cheers to Leaving – Exvangelical Support Group | Facebook
Healing from Religious Trauma, Discussing All Perspectives on Spirituality | Facebook

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